Welcome to the website of Relief & Relaxation Massage Therapy!  Here you can access information about our services, therapists, and about our journey to becoming Relief & Relaxation Massage Therapy, or R&R for short.

What is R&R all about? It's a facility that delivers a therapeutic approach to massage therapy. Unlike day spas, R&R aids individuals in maintaining their health and wellness by actively reducing their suffering from everyday pain and stress. Modern society demands a lot from its people, which can therefore lead to constant stress and physical pain. By integrating massage therapy into your wellness routine, it can potentially help ease the problems that contemporary medicine can’t treat. Relief & Relaxation Massage Therapy will work to help alleviate your pain and prevent future injury, which will allow you to increase your quality of living!

Licensed Massage Therapists and co-owners of Relief & Relaxation Massage Therapy, Kisha Estelow and Kathy Nadeau, have received the necessary education and licensing requirements in NYS, and have also worked with Albany Massage for a number of years, making these women well-seasoned and knowledgeable in their field.

If you have any questions regarding massage therapy or are looking to book an appointment with one of our licensed massage therapists, please click the link below. We look forward to hearing from you! 

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