Off-Site Massage

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Corporate and Event Chair Massage

15 minute individual massage, two-hour minimum on-site
Please call for pricing.

Chair massage is a great way to show appreciation to your employees while helping them reduce the aches and pains which may be associated with the workplace environment. Imagine how cranky the neck, shoulder, arm and back muscles get when you sit at a desk for hours, answer phones, hold your arms up as you type, perform dental hygienics, wait tables, prepare food, cut hair, operate machinery, etc. These repetitive postures and movements can also contribute to long-term issues for employees.

Whether it be construction, office or any other type of work our bodies perform repetitive tasks that can result in many different types of injuries.

By providing chair massage, muscles are allowed to relax, “breathe”, and with increased circulation, stretch, and recover. Research has shown that massage reduces the production of stress-induced chemicals in the body, decreases blood pressure, and increases the body’s immune response. In addition, patients undergoing massage therapy report reduced stress and anxiety levels, pain reduction, and less muscle tension.

What is chair massage like? In about 15 minutes, a massage therapist treats each person to a massage tailored to their specific complaint. Individuals are seated in a special massage chair which takes pressure off of the back, shoulders, arms and neck. Chair massage is performed on persons fully clothed, in public spaces. Chair massage is a great addition to the workplace, as well as special events. Call us to set up a specialized chair massage program to meet your needs. Everyone leaves work happy on a massage day!

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