Therapeutic or Swedish Massage

Your choices for duration include:
30 minutes - 45 minutes - 60 minutes - 90 minutes - 120 minutes

Please call for pricing.
Keep in mind, 30 minutes and 45 minutes are for focus areas only.

This service is the most common type of massage requested by individuals to help reduce stress and increase relaxation. Here at Relief & Relaxation our therapists use Jojoba Oil to lubricate the skin to make the sliding and gliding action of massage strokes easier and more pleasant for the client. The massage techniques used in therapeutic massage are specific to each clients needs whether it be deeper and specific pressure or lighter and more relaxing strokes.  Your therapist will configure a sequence of strokes that will work for your body's therapeutic needs during each appointment.

Swedish Massage is distinguished by 5 main massage techniques which include effleurage, petrissage, friction, tapotement, and vibration. Below are definitions of these techniques and when or how they might be used in your massage session.

Effleurage: long sliding and gliding strokes with palms (or forearms) flat against the clients skin. This is mostly used to administer oil to the skin and also to evaluate muscle tissue for specific tension or knots that might be causing pain or discomfort in the client. This technique is also very relaxing and is used to introduce a therapists touch to the client.

Petrissage: kneading, wringing, and lifting strokes that is used on specific muscles. This technique is employed to help release tight or knotted muscle tissue and increase circulation to the desired area.

Friction: short and quick strokes done by rubbing back and forth along the length of a muscle or across it, and can also use a circular motion depending on the goal the therapist wants to achieve in that area. When there is scar tissue in muscle fibers or a knot that needs to be released, this technique is used to help break up the scar tissue and release pesky trigger points (or knots).

Tapotement: a percussion stroke used to help stimulate muscles, nerves, and circulation. There are many different ways to perform this stroke, for instance, the hand can be cupped or flat, it can be performed with just the fingers for a lighter tap around the face and skull, it can be implemented with fingers interlocked, or in soft fists. Tapotement isn't necessarily a relaxing stroke, its used mostly with athletes or for those who are recovering from respiratory illness (to loosen mucous in the lungs).

Vibration: a rocking or shaking motion that can be applied to an entire muscle or limb. Vibration can be done slowly or rapidly depending on the goal the therapist is trying to achieve. For instance, if a client is tensing up and not relaxing a certain area of their body therapists will rock or shake the area to help the client let go and become more relaxed.